Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder Review

About Wopet Automatic Pet Feeder

Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder is a product from a great company with great numbers of products manufactured for our beloved pets. The Feeder is outstanding for its function of recording a custom message for your pet.

In addition to that, Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder is also recommended for pet owners who would like to enjoy a Smart product with very simple operation.

You can fill the Feeder with only dry food, with the food pellet size around 0.2 to 0.6 inches in diameter. Besides, the Feeder has a tray that is dishwasher safe, and it is easy to clean with just soap and cloth.

It’s a pity not to mention the large storage compartment of Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder with the main food storage compartment can hold up to the numbers of 20 full cups of food. The manufacturer even managed to make the storage compartment easy to be cleaned and refilled.

You won’t need to make such effort on keeping the Feeder clean because, with just some simple and light cleansers, you can wipe out any dirt that stays on the Feeder even for days.

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What you get from the manufacturer?

Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder comes with a removable hygienic feeding tray and a smart user interface. The Feeder can serve up to 4 meals a day. Wopet even prepared a large food dispenser accessory to feed large pets, and you can quickly change the small food dispenser to the larger one.

What I like about Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder is the manufacturer’s Customer Service with the 24-hour professional service center. You can refund within 30 days, and the Feeder is 12 months warranty with 24/7/365 technical support.

How to use Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder?

After unboxing the package from Wopet, now right in front of you is the User Interface. If you notice, you will see the first button with a hand pattern on the right side is the manual key, while the others are time button, recording button and play button.

The four buttons on the left side are specialized for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the fourth meal. The buttons in the below row are on/off, feeding amount, hour adjustment and minute adjustment.

What you gotta do first as you interact with the User interface is recording the sound by pressing the recording button. Simply just tap on the recording button, let your finger stay right there and say whatever you want your pet to hear when it’s time for a meal.

With my dog, I use the phrase:” Where’s my little boy, it is time to eat, ding ding”. After you finish recording your voice, you have to loosen the recording button and tap the play button to hear your recording and ensure that you have successfully recorded your voice. Now, you can try the manual button by pressing it for 3 seconds, and if the Feeder can run and feed, it means that it is normal.

Next, you can go on setting up the time for the meal of your pet. Now, I will give you a very specific example of my own. If the time I want to set is 10:30 am, I will use the right hand to press the time button and my left hand to work with the hour and minute button.

I will use one finger to press the hour button until the number of hours on the screen shows ten and the same action for the minute button. Remember that you cannot leave the time button while setting up the hour and minute. You can only loosen the time button after finish setting up the hour and minute.

The final step is setting the feeding. We will start with the breakfast meal by pressing the breakfast button using your left hand. The default time that was set by the manufacturer is 8 am for breakfast. If you think this default setting is normal, then go ahead to lunch and dinner.

A look at Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder

I’d rather tell you about what I have experienced with Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder, as well as my tips on using this Feeder so you won’t be confused while trying to operate it.

Just like any other Feeder, you can find at your local store, Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder enables you to ensure that your Pet stomach is filled when you aren’t with him/her. The Feeder is equipped with a built-in programmable timer.

I am really into easy-to-use LCD screen (the user interface) of the Feeder, as it isn’t too hard for me to take control of the time, food portions and alerts. The Feeder is powered with either wall power or battery power.

When the Feeder is out of power, it will continue to work using the 3 D-size batteries. These batteries aren’t included with the package, and I usually get them at the nearest Walmart. Using Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder isn’t hard if you simply just follow the instructions I have written above.

Plus that you can also find videos of customers who have bought the Feeder on the Internet and watch such fun things the pets can do with Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder. I googled the name of the Feeder, and then I had a really fun night starring at my computer screen enjoying the funniest videos I had ever seen.


  • Acceptable price
  • Easy to equip and use
  • Support a wide range of pet sizes: from small to big pets.
  • Voice recording
  • Elegant appearance
  • Easy to carry with intelligent size
  • Smart control with multi-functioned program
  • Large storage compartment
  • Easy to clean


  • Only suitable for dry and not-so-wet food.


Precautions and tips

I am very pleased with Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder, but, I still want you to read through the Precautions carefully.

As you may know, you should not pour water into Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder, as the Feeder works best with the dry and not-so-wet food. If you want to have your pet enjoying the soup you cook, then you should serve the soup in a bowl. Or else, the Feeder will not be able to operate, and you accidentally make the inner operation system work less effectively in the future. Be careful and please treat the Feeder right!

Another thing I have to tell you is that the time you set for each meal will affect your pet’s eating behavior. If you set the time wrong, like the lunch is too close to the breakfast, then you will mess up with your pet’s bad eating behavior. My tip here is setting the gap between each meal fairly.


Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder will change your mind about the world of Automatic Supportive Pet products. If you are dealing with feeding problems, then Wopet Automatic (Smart) Pet Feeder is a product created just for you.