Top 5 Timed Cat Food Dispenser Reviews

You are a pet lover and you keeping several cats or maybe just one. However, you are also a working individual who has to drive to your office every day, so you don’t have the time to feed them.

Thanks to modern technology, you can buy a Timed Cat Feeder, which is automatically set up meals for your kitties based on your schedule. Now the problem is which model is the best among all those gadgets available on the market.

Below are the top 5 Timed Food Dispensers Reviews.

1. WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cat Dog with Voice Recorder

[img_products img_code=”61HArc4ew7L” alt=”WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cat Dog with Voice Recorder” code=”B0723GD6NC” reviews=”View on Amazon”]

The Westlink 6L Automatic Pet Feeder is great for all kinds of pets, including dogs and cats. It can carry six liters of dry pet food and can disperse them up to 4 meals a day; each meal can have 39 portions as the limit. Each portion is around 10 to 12 grams of pet food. With this, even the most glutton cat will be satisfied.

Moreover, the tool comes with a programmable schedule and a voice recorder. Now you don’t have to worry about your feline pals missing a meal, as you can set up the meal schedule along with your voice to call him/her for dinner. Not to mention, the gadget is entirely pet-proof, so your pets cannot mess with it to overfeed themselves.

This feeder is considered cheap for an automatic cat food dispenser with voice. In the long-term, your electric bill won’t suffer as the Westlink has ultra-low energy consumption.


– Large capacity

– Programmable schedule and portion

– Voice recorder for calling your pets for meals

– Low energy consumption

– Pet-proof


– Need to buy batteries separately

– Cannot dispense dry food with a big grain

2. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowl

[img_products img_code=”81DH68LChiL” alt=”PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowl” code=”B00VIXRB6O” reviews=”View on Amazon”]

If you see the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed, you will be impressed at its sleek and black compact body. However, because of its small size, the PetSafe is designed for cat feeding purposes, so it is not suitable for large size dogs.

The PetSafe can store a large capacity of dry or semi-wet pet food, up to 24 cups (about 5.5 liters). The package also comes with a stainless steel bowl that can hold 5 cups of food as maximum.

You can also customize your pet’s meal schedules, but instead of 4 meals like the Westlink, the PetSafe can manage up to 12 meals a day, including a special mode called the Immediate Feed Mode. This mode allows you to feed your pet outside the set schedule if necessary.

There is also another mode called the Slow Feeding Mode. Instead of filling up the bowl at once, you can set it to dispense a smaller amount of food in the 15-minutes interval, until it meets your requirement.

Although the Petsafe has many functions, it lacks the voice recording feature, which can be an inconvenience.


– Cool design and compact size

– Can schedule a large number of meals per day

– Multiple ways to feed your pets

– Handle most dry or semi-moist food


– Do not have a voice recorder

– A bit too expensive

3. WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs – Voice Recorder, Programmable Timer

[img_products img_code=”51Pznw5hn3L” alt=”WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs–Features” code=”B075CXMJB5″ reviews=”View on Amazon”]

The WOpet 7L is a beautiful cat food timer feeder; it is equipped with almost everything we can ask for while keeping its pristine white look.

However, this pet food dispenser is a bit lacking in the capacity department as it can only hold around 20 cups of food, a bit less compare to other models. The WOpet also cannot handle moist food, not even the semi one, so it a little inconvenience if your pet prefers those types of food.

For other utilities, this pet dispenser has them all, ranging from fully customizable schedules and portions to a voice recorder for calling your pets. These features are easy to use, so you don’t have to spend much time to understand it.

What special about this tool is that when you bought it, you will get full customer service from its manufacturer. They will give you a full refund within 30 days and 12 months warranty. Their technical support also available for 24 hours every day.

The price, however, is almost over the roof for a pet feeder like this. There quite a lot of other models available on the market that have similar features at a lower price.


– Elegant design with pristine white color

– Has fully customizable schedules and portions

– Has voice recorder

– Great customer service


– Too expensive, there are cheaper similar models

– Although the tool is easy to use, its manual can be confusing

4. Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder Pet Food Dispenser Feeder for Medium & Large Cat Dog

[img_products img_code=”61WRHBNpNML” alt=”Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder 3L Pet Food Dispenser Feeder for Medium & Large Cat Dog” code=”B0772VBL12″ reviews=”View on Amazon”]

If you like your pet feeder have a cute design, you can get this Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder 3L for your feline pals. It will lighten up your house and can ease your pets

Its capacity is about 3 liters, which is a bit small, so you might have to refill it more frequently. However, you can store the food inside for a reasonable amount of time as the lid is tightly sealed.

The Issebiz has some great features including the ability to set a schedule up to 4 meals, customizable portions, and voice recorder. The problem is that the portion is only show number, not the amount of food in weight. One share is usually about 5 grams.

Moreover, the dispenser’s energy usage is shallow, so you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill. It can operate with both USB cable and batteries.

If you concern about its price, you can be ensured that the Issebiz is not expensive. This gadget can be a boon for you if you are a busy person and have a tight budget.


– Not expensive

– Cute design

– Programmable schedule and portion

– Has voice recorder

– Low energy usage


– Small storage

– Doesn’t indicate the amount of food in weight

5. HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Pet Feeder, Dog, Cat, Rabbit & Small Animals

[img_products img_code=”51L9Hs3br6L” alt=”HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Pet Feeder, Dog, Cat, Rabbit & Small Animals” code=”B07KWPGTT7″ reviews=”View on Amazon”]

The HoneyGuaridan A36 could be the one you want if you wish to retain all the necessary features of a pet food dispenser while having a modern design. It has a sleek look that is welcome for any home.

Same as before, you can schedule up to 6 meals per day, can choose portion for your cats ranging from 1 to 80, and has a voice recorder. However, it has a similar problem like the Iseebiz; the portions don’t show its amount in weight so that you might need to test it out first. Also, it has a built-in Unique Motor Inversion, which will prevent food jamming while dispensing. Note that it will only work for dry food with small grain, which is less than 0.6 inches in diameter.

The interface of the gadget is straightforward to understand, just one look, and you will know how to use it. It is also quite easy to disassemble and simple to clean. Both the stainless steel bowl and the food hopper are dish-washer safe. Moreover, the steel bowl is quite large, enough for you to feed two kitties at once.

Its price is relatively high, but it is quite reasonable for a modern jam-free pet food dispenser. You can also be able to purchase additional steel bow if you wish a replacement.


– Sleek and contemporary design

– Easy to use and simple interface

– Dish-washing safe steel bowl and food hopper

– Food doesn’t jam while dispensing

– Bowl large enough to feed two cats at once


– Does not have an indicator of the amount of food in each portion

– Only work with small grain dry food, no wet food allow.

Q&A About Cat Food Timed Dispensers

Why should you purchase this kind of product?

If your home is keeping pets, either dogs or cats, and you don’t have the time to feed them regularly, a timed cat feeder pet at home will be a perfect solution for your anxiety. Not only the tool will help feed your cats in time, but also in the amount you set up so that your pets won’t overeat.

Should you buy the most expensive model?

If you can afford it, then by all mean, go ahead. While most of the costly models are worth the money, some of them are overpriced, so you have to be careful when choosing. As you can see, there are a few cheap models that both have a great look and have many necessary features for pet feeding.

Which feature should you look for your pet food dispenser?

The most critical one is the ability to set up a meal schedule for your cats. The minimum number of meals can be set should be 4, the more, the better.

Another essential feature is a voice recorder. You need to let your pets know when it is meal time. However, if you have to train your cats to have a routine in meal schedule, it might not be necessary to have a voice recorder.

Low energy usage is also essential. You don’t want your electric bill to go over your head.

Other features like anti-jamming, anti-overfill are excellent additions but not essential. Great design is also a yes as it will brighten up your home.

If your family tends to absent from the house frequently, pick up a model that can run on batteries to prevent the gadget from stop working on blackout.

What should you do after you purchase the cat food timer feeder?

The first step you should do is to set the food dispenser up. This step is effortless. However, the next one can be hard; it is to get your pets to get used to the tool and have a meal from it.

Most pets will be wary of new stuff you brought for them, even toys. You will have to spend some time on training or showing them that these things are not dangerous. Next, you have to set a routine so your pets will come here for their meals and not looking somewhere else.

These procedures should be simple, and if your pets are smart, you might not need to do anything at all.

Can these models handle wet food?

Unfortunate, the pet food dispenser mentioned in this article can only handle dry food and semi-moist food. If your pets prefer wet food, you can check reviews about cat feeder for wet food.

Wet food dispenser can handle dry food, relatively, but the opposite does not apply. If you put wet food in a dry food feeder, it may leak inside the tool and ruin it completely.


As the best pet food dispenser, the Westlink is standing at the top. Not only it can hold a large capacity of dry and semi-moist food, but also have all the necessary features to function correctly. However, its design is pretty dull, and some people will consider it look “old.” With that said, the price is pretty reasonable, and if you lean toward practical use, the Westlink will be perfect.

If you need more information or do not agree with this ending, you can check on other detailed timed cat feeder reviews on the Internet. There should be some model that is suitable for your taste and need.