Ultimate Reviews: 3 Best Raised Dog Feeders

Raised Dog FeedersMost dog owners are confident in what they have chosen for the pets. We understand the dog’s eating habits, nutrition, favorite snacks and so on.

Well, are you sure?

When you go around pet shops, have it ever happened when a question about the uses of elevated dog feeders suddenly popped out?

We all know the common feeders which are on the floor, separated or combined, easy and common. But how about raised or elevated feeders? Why do people have to make it raised?

Elevated or raised dog feeders show more benefits for both pets and the pet owners. We will explain to you in the very below section. Plus, if you are seeking a good one, we have some suggestions for you.

Why should we change to elevated dog feeders?

Healthier for dogs

Referring to how we feel when keeping head ad spin low in a long time, it is exactly how the dog feels when eating from a low feeder.

But, so what? All dogs are born to eat like that.

It is a fact that we cannot tell nature to do the opposite. However, we can keep the dog’s spin and neck relax as much as possible when they are under our caring.

Keeping the spin and neck equal while eating will protect your dogs from spinal issues, especially aging pets. At least, they won’t be tiring.

If your dog lies on the floor to get food, it’s not healthy for the stomach, besides. Therefore, standing eating is the most comfortable for its digestion.

Better for your floor

Another annoying thing that dogs do during eating is chasing bowls. These bowls move and water with foods will scatter on the floor.

It must have caused you uncomfortable times to clean up and shouting at dogs.

With raised dog feeders, they cannot do it anymore. All they can do is eating and drinking.

Usually, this feeder will come with at least 2 bowls: one for water and one for food. Therefore, you don’t have to waste time to fetch a missing bowl after the dogs finish their meals. We bet that you have at least once cursed and fetched a bowl.

Easier to clean

Because the bowls will not touch the ground and be chased around, we are sure that there is nothing like scratches on the bottom where dirt can cling on. You are sure to have a better time of cleaning these bowls.

How to choose the right one?

Suitable size

The main purpose of raised dog feeders is to help with their eating gesture. Therefore, size is the priority. You choose the right size before concerning design and color.

Depending on the height of the dog and its neck length, we need to find a feeder with a suitable height and width.

Make sure that the dog can get the food at the bottom of the bowl without difficulties. To do so, we suggest taking feeder with the raised bowl equally to the pet’s shoulder.

If you have a little dog like a Chihuahua or a Teacup, you should come to look at the raised cat feeders shelf.

Cabinet for storage

Do you need a cabinet below the feeder to store food for dogs?

They have some models which can meet your needs.

It’s not a significant feature at first sight but you will see some benefits.

First, storage right below the feeder can save you space. It is convenient to keep your dog food fresh and moisture-free (If it’s kibbles). The box should be transparent or semi-trans so we can observe the remaining.

You will also find some designs with different sizes of storage boxes. Each box will come with a different height. Does it sound convenient?


We have to say most of the pet feeders are made of plastic or stainless steel. Both materials are easy to clean and durable. However, you should be careful with plastic bowls if your pets like chewing stuff.

Besides, we are talking about the raised feeder. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the frame also.

The frame can be plastic and stainless steel, too. However, they are also made of bamboo and wood.

Bamboo is a premium frame. It’s sturdy, water-resistance but also very nice in design.

Wood is also a good choice.

Wood always appears durable and sturdy.  With a shiny cover, a wooden frame can become water-resistance, too.

The frame will not be something that you have to clean every day. However, you might need to wash it sometimes. Therefore, it’s essential to find something easy for cleaning, no fancy décor.

Number of bowls

First of all, you should make sure that the bowls are removable from the frame. Otherwise, you will be in a tough time dealing with cleaning.

The bowls can be made of a different material from the frame. And they should be easy to clean.

Normally, raised dog feeders come with 2 bowls, as mentioned before.

However, you can find a feeder with 3 bowls whose third container is for wet food.

Referring to your dog diet, you will know which design you need.

Top 3 elevated dog feeder in-depth reviews

1. IRIS Small Elevated Feeder With Airtight Storage

[img_products img_code=”91co%2B2hUORL” alt=”IRIS USA Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage” code=”B06XZX9Q8L” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

IRIS elevated dog feeder comes with 2 models, with and without storage box. We recommend the ones with the box because of convenience.

The version without box is all fine but you should be careful with chewing pets which could mess with the feeder’s legs.

The storage box comes in 3 heights so you don’t have to worry about the height. It turns out to be more convenient with puppies as along with the growth of the dogs, you don’t have to buy a new raised feeder.

In terms of storage, we have to say it’s so clever.

Have you ever been so annoyed that the kibbes go soft quickly even you tied the bag carefully?

Forget that awkward situation thanks to this 2-in-1 feeder.

The storage is made with an airtight design that locks water and moisture out of the food. Therefore, the kibbles are always fresh and dry as newly bought. To get the food out of the box, you can open the snap lock easily with a finger.

Moreover, it is semi-transparent plastic so that you can see through to know how much the food is left.

Needless to say, with such a sturdy frame and an amount of food in the bottom, your pets could never flip bowls up.

Plus 2 stainless steel bowls which can be removed for clean, it’s the best of all options that we can take on picnics or out-doors activities.

The only thing we are not so sure about this product is the 100% plastic frame. It makes the price low but your pets could not resist chewing very hard on every angle of the feeder.

IRIS raised dog feeder is the best product for owners with more than one puppies or even cats. It promises to keep your pet space clean and neat with super capable container right below the feeder. If you are seeking a budget-saving raised feeder, we will say this one with no hesitation.

What we like:

  • Secure and convenient 2-in-1 feeder and food keeper
  • Eligible for out-door
  • High-quality plastic
  • Variety in size
  • Convenient transparent food box
  • Neat appearance
  • Easy to clean

What we don’t like:

  • Not so sturdy for chewing pets


2. CICO Pet Feeder for Dog Cat, Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls with Iron Stand

[img_products img_code=”51Z%2B-LMdzDL” alt=”CICO Pet Feeder for Dog Cat, Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls” code=”B071DTY2PD” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

At first sight, you would be attracted by CICO delicate and elegant design. It reminds the patterns in French architecture with curves and hearts. Well, we must say it’s kind of fancy concerning a dog feeder.

If you don’t want a crude box standing in the middle of the house, this fancy one could be a nice piece of furniture aka pet feeder.

Standing out of all other products, CICO pet feeder attracts buyers also by its quality.

The frame is made of iron. So, it’s very sturdy and your pets cannot chew on it. Will it be another selling point?

They curved the frame into patterns but don’t worry, it’s easy to clean. In comparison to other wooden or plastic frame, this one needs even much less cleaning.

The bowls are both removable. Because they are made of stainless steel, it can stand all the weather.

The bowls seem quite unmatched with the fancy classic patterned frame. However, a plus point is that these bowls are huge and deep.

Well, so what if my pets eat so little? I might not need big bowls!

Then, we concern these big bowls might be what you need during days far away from home.

The bowls are deep, not broad. Therefore, it can keep most of the kibbes away from contact with the air, to keep the whole meal dry for longer.

And further information, little did we know that cats and some dogs only eat the food in the center of the bowls, therefore, they will ignore foods remained around corners. Deep bowls are more beneficial for those pets for sure.

Conclusions: with a medium height, CICO raised pet feeder seems ideal to owners with small dogs and cats, especially for puppies who are chewing on everything. Let’s prepare for a little more expensive than the IRIS but we think it’s a good price or such a beautiful piece of furniture.

What we like:

  • High-quality iron frame
  • Fashionable
  • Good for all chewing pets
  • Easy to clean
  • Eligible for out-doors

What we don’t like:

  • Too huge bowl in big size
  • Quite low for big dogs

3. Neater Feeder Deluxe with Leg Extensions

[img_products img_code=”71QtHaSTCPL” alt=”Neater Feeder Deluxe with Leg Extensions” code=”B01M145454″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

What we offer in two previous choices is for small and medium dogs. How about bigger pets such as Husky or Alaska?

Well, we consider a sturdier and taller raised feeder because these dogs could grow very huge.

Then we came up with this Neater Elevated Feeder Deluxe. This is our premium offer with an extra design for big-sized pets.

We are sure that there will be never a single drop of water or kibbes spilling out of the bowls on the floor again with the smart design of the Neater Feeder.

It appears with a barrier at the back obviously to stop foods and water from falling out. In the front, they made a larger edge with holes to lead water to the container under the feeder, kibbes will be kept on the holes.

The feeder is made of high-quality plastic and sturdy thick barrier. The corner is all-round so pets cannot put their teeth on.

The water spills container must be cleaned quite frequently as well as the upper feeder. Especially, the hole part is the most difficult area to tidy when kibbes get stuck.

Conclusion: If you are owning a big dog, it must be this Neater raised feeder which you need to keep your pet healthy and comfortable in eating time. Also, it is a good product with smart design and sturdy frame.

What we like:

  • Removable stainless bowls
  • High enough for huge dogs
  • Extra under cabinet for water spills
  • Smart design
  • Sturdy for all pets

What we don’t like:

  • Only for big dog breeds
  • Not easy to clean up the container


Our best-raised dog feeder medal goes to IRIS pet feeder. We think its storage design is so clever. You can feed cat and dog with it thanks to the sizable frame. The storage will keep your house neat. Not alone, it is the most budget-saving purchase for all dog owners.

For your dog’s health, let’s change into raised dog feeders. To help you choose the best one, we had buying tips and recommendations as above.

However, your dog is the only one who matters on your choice. Don’t pick something which turns out to be comfortable for you but not your pet.

We welcome more suggestions as well as tips on buying raised dog feeders to develop the topic.