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Insulated Rabbit Hutches and Covers for Winter


Insulated Rabbit Hutches and Covers for Winter

Do you need thermal rabbit covers for winter or should you insulate your hutch? What should you do to ensure your bunnies are warm and how cold is it too cold for rabbits?

Thermal rabbit hutch covers and insulation
Insulated rabbit house

During winter, your outdoor rabbits need to be protected from the cold winter temperatures and biting wind. As this season approaches, you need to make a few changes to their outdoor housing to ensure it keeps your furry friends as comfortable as possible.

To keep them warm, you can opt for thermal hutch covers for winter, heated pads or lamps, or insulate your hutch, among many other ways. 

How cold is too cold for rabbits

Bunnies can live and thrive well in cold climates. Given proper housing, runs for exercise, they can be at their best even during coldest winter.  According to “cold weather often increases the energy level of domestic rabbits and invigorates them!”

During cold climates, outdoor bunnies tend to be more active. However, they will need a little more food, and you should ensure their water bottles, bowls or the system does not freeze. Going for heated water bottles and bowls will help resolve this problem.

According to RSPCA, the ideal temperature should be “between 10-20°C is recommended as ideal for domestic rabbits, though they can cope with lower temperatures, they tend to suffer from too much heat.”

As much as they can thrive well in climates that are relatively cold, they will not thrive well if their housing is damp and on draughts. This two conditions will make them fall ill often.

Also, older bunnies must be kept warm to reduce chances of getting arthritis while young ones without enough fur need special care to avoid freezing.

Whereas there are many other ways to keep them warm, let us look at covers, hutch insulation and well as providing bedding. We will cover more while looking at bunny care during winter.

Rabbit hutch covers for the winter – thermal

There are many good rabbit hutch covers you can go for including brands such as Made to Measure, Trixie, RabbitShack as well as Scratch and Newton’s hutch huggers. All these will ensure your bunnies remain dry while in their housing.

However, these covers will not be sufficient on their own. You need to go to those with thermal liners or use rabbit thermal hutch covers. This will ensure minimal heat loss and keep your furry friends warm and happy.

Note: Always go for durable rabbit hutch winter covers. Do not consider the initial price alone. Factor in the quality and how soon you are going to replace them.

Insulated rabbit hutch

Insulating your hutches will ensure they remain warm. It is all about creating a heat-trapping barrier to help heat inside bunnies’ house remain there as well as prevent excess heat during summer from affecting them.

You can use various hutch liners such as foil backed bubble wrap, foam, polystyrene, wool, among other materials during insulation.  The process will involve placing your insulating material between frames followed by cardboard or plywood from the inner side.

Good bedding

The floor of your coop could also be freezing during winter. Lining it with a generous amount of rabbit bedding will ensure your bunny is warm during these chilly times and has a place to snuggle.


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