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Do Rabbit Sleep? For How Long and When?


Do Rabbit Sleep? For How Long and When?

How long do rabbits sleep in the wild or captivity? Do bunnies sleep in the dark or at night? What factors influence their slumbering behavior. Let us discuss this issue in detail.

A rabbit sleeping

A rabbit sleeping

When it comes to bunny sleeping behaviors, a lot must be considered. For instance, whether a rabbit will slumber for a long duration or short depends on the breed (species), the state of security of the habitat, state of mind such as anxiety, and comfort – is the place comfortable.

If you are a first-time rabbit owner, it is normal to be bothered by how long do such pets nap, and whether rabbits sleep through the night. This is because it looks like this pet is always awake.

Bunnies do sleep, and they can sleep with their eyes open. This is usually the case when they are moved to a new home, or they generally feel insecure.

“Only when the rabbit starts to feel more comfortable and confident in its new home, is you will be able to see it sleeping peacefully. It will need time, comfort and a quiet place where it feels at ease, ” notes

Do rabbits sleep through the night or day? When do they nap?

Rabbits are crepuscular animals.  This means that they are most active very early in the morning and late in the evening or early in the night. These are thus the appropriate time to play with your pet.

However, there is this one important note. A bunny’s survival relies on its constant state of watchfulness. This is the main reason why the animals nap during the quietest times of the day- midday and midnight, but though are still on high alert.

How long do rabbits sleep?

It is almost impossible to know precisely the amount of time the bunny snoozes as this will depend on its state of mind and a few other factors. For instance, whether it is comfortable, secured, anxious or relaxed.

It is thus vital to go through a few more things about rabbits to answer the question of how long do they nap.

The main sleeping habit of rabbits is that they can nap with eyes kept open especially when they are not familiar with the new environment in which they moved to, or when in the wilderness for security purposes.

This is one of how rabbits remain alert to any danger that may be lurking whether in the wilderness or even at home for those living in captivity. It will be quite challenging to see it napping for the first time. This should not worry you.

For pet rabbits, sleeping starts when they start feeling more confident and comfortable in the new home. This is when you will watch your furry friend nap peaceably. A bunny needs time, quiet environment as well as comfort for it to feel at ease.

Now, before mention how long a rabbit can sleep in a day, we must consider the very many variables that influence its slumbering behavior.

Factors that affect how long rabbits sleep

Here are the factors that will determine how long your bunny will slumber.

State of security in their habitat

The sleep cycles of bunnies are very different as compared to us as human beings and other animals. For instance, human beings can slumber throughout the night whereas rabbits don’t. They wake up periodically during the night and sleeps for long at daytime.

As you know that they are prey animals and for them not to be caught by their predators, they need to be always alert. Therefore, they nap for a shorter time as compared to human beings and other animals.

Species: wild versus domestic

Their sleeping cycle depends on the species. The wild rabbits pattern is entirely different as compared to the domestic ones specifically during summer time.

For instance, whereas the Eastern astern cottontail still species perfect time to nap is daytime, foraging at dawn as well as dusk, it is always quite active and alerts at night in the summertime, and sleep for a short period as this is the time when food is readily available.

Even when wild bunnies sleep during daytime, they do so carefully by keeping themselves hidden lest their predators see them. Warm weather condition is also a mating period. They don’t snooze too much as this is the time they display courtship at night.

Sleeping habits

Being prey animals are always in danger of becoming predator food whether a domestic or wild. Due to this, the pet bunnies sleeping behavior do not differ from the wild ones.

The fact that they are safe outside in a hutch or at home do not make it stop being alert; they usually are aware that some carnivorous animals could hunt, kill and eat them. Therefore, they don’t nap for a long duration even when in a safe place at home.

Where do rabbits sleep?

Finally, it is essential to furnish the bunnies sleeping area which is also another factor that influences their slumber duration.

In the wild, they slumber in the deeply nested areas or burrows. It is advisable to provide the pet with a safe and secure place to snuggle and nap. You can use either straws or hay to make great and comfortable bedding for your bunny both of which can be its food.

The bunny requires a continuous supply of hay and straws to keep its digestive truck moving as this can also enable its worn out teeth grow.

Now, having familiarized ourselves with some of the common factors that affect the slumber period, we can say that, generally, rabbits tend to sleep for 6 to 8 hours. However, this time limit can decrease or increase depending on the factors we have explained above.


If you realize that your bunny is snoozing, leave it alone and wait until it completely wakes up then take it out it to play if it is time to play. If you happen to have awakened it up, don’t be surprised if it is in a lousy mood and attempting to bite you.

This is because you are disrupting its daytime sleeping pattern or scaring it. To make sure that they get enough rest, keep it in a quiet, secure place and provide it with a comfortable place to slumber.




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