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Can Rabbits Eat Bread? Is It Safe or Not?


Can Rabbits Eat Bread? Is It Safe or Not?

Do rabbits eat bread or not? This a practical question since bread is part of almost every household. Let us see whether you should give it to your bunnies or not.

Human beings can share some of their foods bunnies especially some raw leafy and non-leafy vegetables and fruits. However, there are those foods which humans should not give to their furry friends. Is bread among the foods bunnies can eat or not?

Can you give rabbits bread
Can you give rabbits bread?

Can I give my rabbits bread?

No. You should not give your rabbits bread since it has complex carbohydrates which your furry friends might not be able to digest well. There is a possibility of them developing intestinal upsets, diarrhea, enteritis, difficulties in passing out stool (gut motility) and obesity if they eat it regularly.

PETA warns bunny owners to avoid giving them foods such as bread, pasta, crackers, and cookies as these foods will not only cause stomach issues to your bunnies but also potentially cause enterotoxemia.

Technically speaking, a small bread treat will not kill your bunnies. The various types sold in the supermarket are not toxic to pets. However, they have complex carbohydrates they are starchy, especially the white one.

We strongly recommend that you avoid giving them bread whether it is the white bread, toasted, multi-grain, or wholemeal (whole grain). There are many healthier treats you can give your rabbits including fruits such as grapes, mangoes, watermelon, oranges, apples, pineapples as well as vegetables such as carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, edible flowers, celery, zucchini squash, cabbage and so on.

Your bunnies may like bread, but it will not provide them with the essential nutrients they require besides causing the above risks. We do not advocate giving them even as a treat. However, if your rabbit eats a small piece of bread, you do not need to call your vet. It will not die.

We understand bread has some fiber, carbohydrates, and it can be enriched with vitamins and minerals. The high fiber is good. However, it is highly calorific with as already said; it has complex carbohydrates and starch. There are other better sources of all these nutrients. 

What makes ideal food for bunnies?

Bunnies are lagomorphs, and their ideal diet should be composed of over 80% fresh hay. It is recommended that adult rabbits be giving mainly the grassy hay and not the legume hay.

The second essential component of their diet is high fiber pellets. It should constitute about 5% of their daily intake. They will provide extra nutrients your furry friend may be needing.

Also, they need fresh foods which should be about 10 to 15%. in these fresh foods. The leafy greens should account for about 75% whereas the remainder can be non-leafy vegetables and fruits that rabbits can eat. The non-leafy vegetables and fruits should be given as occasional treats only. Remember to keep varying the fresh foods and give them at least six different types each day.

Finally, to don’t forget to give them an unlimited supply of fresh water. You can go for automatic watering systems. Alternatively, you can use rabbit water bottles or bowls. 


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