Best Selective Pet Feeder to Control Feeding

Selective Pet Feeder

For the modern era, pet caring is one of the most noticeable problems in most families. A lot of people do not have enough time to stay at home and take great care of their pets, especially daily feeding. Hence, a pet feeder comes like a hero. This article aims to help you choose the … Read more

The Best Dog Feeder With Storage (Buying Guide and Reviews)

Dog Feeder With Storage

In the era of pets, accessories for puppies and cats become more and more variable to fit in personal uses. Dog feeder is one in the development. Besides elevated or automatic dog dispensers, dog feeder includes another type which is so-called ones with storage. This model, in our observation, can be considered a combination of … Read more

Top 10 Best Cat Slow Feeder Bowls for Slow Feeding

Cat Slow Feeder Bowls

Nowadays, the problem is common already It’s nothing new to have a fat cat who loves gulping down food. The gluttonous behavior not only makes them gain much weight but also causes vomiting. To prevent throwing up and obesity in the furballs, pet stuff companies, have offered many choices for a scat slow feeder bowl. … Read more

5 Best Automatic Feeders Multiple Cats

multiple cat feeders

Do you have two cats or even more? Do you have to feed them all day? But do you have a full-time job which requires you to start at 8:00 in the morning? And have you ever think about automatic feeder for multiple cats? And it means that you can’t wake up earlier to prepare … Read more

Best 3-Bowl Cat Feeders You Wish to Have

3 bowls cat feeder

Ever confused about which feeder is the best for your cats? Try a 3-bowl cat feeder. It might be a good option for your beloved paw friends for so many reasons. The necessary feeder Do you know that feeding bowl can affect your cat appetize? It’s true that cats can be picky about what is … Read more