Top 3 Outdoor Automatic Dog Feeders with Timer Reviews

Outdoor Automatic Dog Feeders with Timer ReviewsIf you are tired of searching for outdoor dog feeders with timer with little results, read this article soon.

Finding out a good automatic dog feeder with timer to put indoor is not a big deal. However, it is rather time-consuming when you want to investigate nice automatic dog feeders that can be used outdoor. Trust me.

The reasons for this may vary. One among them maybe like this: there are many criteria that a feeder has to meet. (1) It should be automatic; (2) It must have a timer; (3) It could be used outdoor. Meanwhile, most of the feeders can only meet two out of these criteria.

So, we would like to review the most suitable candidates for you in this article.

Let’s get started.

The Top Outdoor Automatic Dog Feeders with Timer

1. Ergo Outdoor Pet Feeder , the best outdoor automatic dog feeder of big capacity

[img_products img_code=”51RBHxzZAAL” alt=”Ergo Outdoor Pet/Pond Feeder” code=”B000PKK3DY” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Ergo Outdoor Pet Feeder can be placed in garages, basements, or patio (outdoor) or indoor. It is originally designed for dogs, fishes, or horses.

Because the container of the feeder is clear, you can see how much food remains inside (even from far distance). Therefore, you can easily estimate when you will have to refill it. The large opening of the bin for storing food allows you to refill food into the container quickly with ease.

Besides, the feeder has a synchronous motor of high torque 24VAC. Being different from other feeders with vertical augers, Ergo Outdoor Pet Feeder has its system of feed auger designed horizontally. As a result, this enhances the precise feeding of food (including feed rate control).

With Ergo Outdoor Pet Feeder, food is kept fresh thanks to the airtight cover of the storage container. Metal over molded self-lubricating nylon auger prevents jamming and provides a smoother and quieter performance.

To prevent food from becoming stale, Ergo Outdoor Pet Feeder is designed with a food agitator. The feeder will be disabled safely when you want to remove it from one location to the other location. This is because the feeder has a safety interlock switch, together with a safety basket.

All Ergo Outdoor Pet Feeders have digital timers for eight program settings/ day. They also feature daylight saving function, so you can save energy as much as you can. If the light goes out, your feeder can still perform because it has a backup battery.

Ergo Outdoor Pet Feeder has some downsides, though. For example, its waterproofing cover, which allows it to be installed outdoor, may not function well enough. So, customers may concern that their pet’s food may get wet. However, some users have fixed this problem. They put a bucket over the top of the feeder, then put something on the top of it.

Also, customers may worry that the timer is not waterproof. But this can be resolved by buying an outdoor timer to replace it. Hence, in general, those downsides are not so significant in comparison to the benefits that the feeder can bring you.


  • Big capacity (can contain up to 20 pounds of food)
  • Having a power transformer to help to convert 100VAC to 24VAC
  • Offering two sizes: medium and large
  • Can be installed in any flooring type
  • Energy-saving (power consumption is 12 watts at maximum)


  • Raccoons can break plastic chute to steal food
  • Issues may arise with the timer

2. Original CSF-3XL Super Feeder, the best customized outdoor automatic dog feeder

[img_products img_code=”719XlpBynHL” alt=”Super Feeder CSF-3XL W/Stand” code=”B0044JC8RQ” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Original CSF-3XL Super Feeder is a product of Super Feeder, an American manufacturer, who has been providing its products for about 23 years.

Coming to Super Feeder, you will have your feeder for your furry friend in your own style. It means that the manufacturer provides combos of parts per your need so that you can install the feeder anywhere as you wish indoor or outdoor of your home. You can also buy separate components to replace your broken ones.

Original CSF-3XL is a combo of parts. The combo includes: Outdoor power supply kit, outdoor approved 24-hr Analog (mechanical ACAT-32) timer, CSF-3 Super Feeder with two tough polycarbonate 2-cup clear extensions, 1.5-gallon hopper, chute cover protective devices.

The voltage required for Original CSF-3XL is 110-120Vac 60Hz/12Vac output.  Analog timer needs 120Vac 60Hz input/120Vac output. However, in case of the unavailability of a 120V power source, you can use 6 – 24V timers.


  • Serve every portion size (very tiny or extremely large)
  • Feed pets up to 24 times/ day
  • Can be mounted on the wall, indoor or outdoor
  • Diverse promotions are available


  • Applying USA style plugs only
  • No battery operated

3. PortionProRx Automatic Pet Feeder, Best outdoor automatic dog feeder of all

[img_products img_code=”61KSPVROXNL” alt=”PortionProRx – Automatic Pet Feeder (for Dogs and Cats)” code=”B07GH3WPTB” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

PortionProRx is seen as an intelligent pet feeder that does much more than an ordinary feeder can do.

The PortionPro Rx allows only the intended pet to be fed. You will find how meaningful this function if you raise many pets at the same time, having to seek solutions for unwanted behaviors like stealing food, acting aggressively, and so on. It is also an important function you may need in a feeder if you want to treat your dogs with expensive or therapeutic food.

How can the feeder decide which dogs to feed?

Well, through an active RFID system in its tag, the feeder senses a pet (within the distance of up to 2 feet). Consequently, it decides to open or close the door of the food bowl to welcome a pet or drive it away. The RFID is patented (if you concern).

Comparing with other feeders of the manufacturer’s competitor, you can see that PortionPro Rx outweighs them. Most of its competitive feeders just use a passive RFID system. The passive RFID system reacts only at a quite close range, which means that some of your naughty doggies have already stolen food even before the feeder reacts.

PortionPro Rx offers some different feeding options so your pet can be fed at every four hours with an amount of food at around 1/2 cup to 6 cups daily. The capacity of the food bin is 30 dry-kibble cups. All of the options can be programmed without any difficulties. Therefore, you are free of several concerns. Those may include: your pets may be hungry; your pet may get obese when you are away due to a busy schedule.

Talking about safety, this may be an ideal feeder that can meet even the strictest users’ criteria. The feeder is made with safe materials for food containing. Its bowl is made of ceramic-coated steel, ensuring the hygiene for your pet.

Another feature that you will not want to miss out is that the capability of power-outage recovery. The internal battery of the feeder has its mission to store your all settings. So, in the event of a power outage, you don’t need to reprogram it. Instead, the feeder can continue its operation as normal right after the power is restored.

Additionally, PortionPro Rx is designed to be stable from being knocked over by your pets. It has a wide base, rubberized footing, and more. Great, right?


  • Made of safe materials
  • Lightweight but stable
  • Featuring water-resistant tag; can serve two tags
  • LCD may display error codes for easier diagnosis of problems
  • Food stealing prevention
  • Easy to clean


  • Not have a battery compartment (to play the role of power backup)
  • You must purchase extra tags in case of wanting to block more pets.


Bonus: other cool automatic dog feeders for outdoor

Because the weather condition outside is not as good as inside, manufacturers don’t offer the feeders with timers. Instead, gravity-fed feeders seem to be a perfect replacement. You won’t have to worry about several things such as how to avoid water getting inside, how to set up electricity sources, and so on.

So, here are the two most high-appreciated automatic gravity dog feeders.

Little Giant Dog Feeder – the feeder for big doggo

[img_products img_code=”71gkAurVrWL” alt=”Little Giant Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog Feeder” code=”B000FK03LQ” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

The most outstanding features of Little Giant Dog Feeder are its generous capacity and the way it keeps food fresh. The feeder can contain up to 25 pounds of dry food, so you will not have to refill it too regularly. Whereas food is kept at good quality thanks to the magnetic door of the feeder and gravity design in which food only coming down when your dog eats up its portion on the tray.

Additionally, the 24-gauge galvanized steel design makes the feeder durable in any weather conditions while resistant to rust as well. You can hang it a bit high or put it on the ground – any setting-up style – so it can serve your dog best.

The biggest downside of the feeder is that it doesn’t come with a timer. However, this is not a big deal because thanks to that feature, you can put it outside, in harsh weather conditions, without worrying about safety, durability, food quality, etc.


  • Fully assembled
  • Completely silent


  • Not being a programmable feeder

Pet-Agree Automatic Pet Feeder

[img_products img_code=”71smuyb7RtL” alt=”Automatic Pet Feeder Galvanized Metal Pet Feeder” code=”B001B9ZE14″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Also being 24-gauge galvanized steel, designed for both inside and outside usage, Pet-Agree is resistant to adverse weather conditions to bring you the peace of mind when using it.

The flow of food is so smooth thanks to its angled shoot that is designed specially. The magnetic door serves two purposes: keeping your dog’s food fresh, dry, and preventing unwelcome pests.

Similar to Little Giant, you can put Pet-Agree on the ground anywhere outside or hang it on a frame or a wall. In case that you lay it on a frame or hang it on a wall, it is not so different from an elevated feeder, right? Hence, your dog will eat most comfortably. How amazing.

Another surprising feature of the feeder is that it works well even when you have two dogs wanting to eat at the same time on a feeder.


  • Weather-resistant design
  • Big capacity
  • Need little complicated maintenance


  • May tip over

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to buying an automatic dog feeder (either with or without timer), people may have several common concerns. Thus, I would like to mention some of them hereunder for your reference.

Can I feed my dogs with raw food through automatic dog feeders?

It isn’t usually recommended. Food, especially raw food, gets bad so quickly. As a result, your dog may get sick.

However, if you put your feeder in a cool corner, or if you fill the compartment with an adequate amount of food, you should not worry much. Don’t forget to choose to buy feeders with covered compartment design instead of tank-like feeders if you want to treat your loved dog with raw food frequently.

Can’t my destructive dog break into his feeder?

It is not impossible if your dog is the one who likes breaking things. So, it is recommended that you should train your dog until it becomes considerate enough for you to purchase your wished feeders.

Final Thoughts

The outdoor automatic dog feeders with timer are the most useful devices that most busy people like to own. While it saves you time, it ensures your dog’s health. This kind of feeder is especially helpful if your dog needs to be treated medically.

Though there are not as abundant of choices when it comes to getting an outdoor automatic dog feeder with timer, some of our recommended products can well meet your demand. In case you are still unsure if the device is suitable for your dog, I encourage you to ask for your veterinarian’s advice.

Thank you very much for reading this article. If you know someone needs it, don’t hesitate to share it with us.