The Best Dog Feeder With Storage (Buying Guide and Reviews)

Dog Feeder With StorageIn the era of pets, accessories for puppies and cats become more and more variable to fit in personal uses. Dog feeder is one in the development.

Besides elevated or automatic dog dispensers, dog feeder includes another type which is so-called ones with storage.

This model, in our observation, can be considered a combination of an automatic dispenser, kibble storage, and feeder – 3-in-1 product.

Besides, if you decide to get one of those for your dog, you should take a closer look at our reviews on some best-buys right below. We know that it’s not easy to find the best dog feeder with storage for your own personal situation among the hustle and bustle.

Who should buy this dog feeder?

Leading you to the right choice, we must be sure that you need a feeder with storage.

If you are at home 24/7 and you can feed your dog at the exact time when they are hungry, and maybe, we also expect that you can keep the foods fresh all day long, you might not need this.

This product aims at dog owners whose time to take care of pets is limited, especially those who are usually on trips away.

This feeder is supposed to work as an automatic dispenser so the pet can come to find their meal whenever they want.

You might not know, for dogs in pregnancy or puppies, they feel hungry more frequently. Don’t assume too early that you know the best schedule for your pets. They know the best when they have to eat.

Then, have you decided that you need a feeder with storage?

Let’s see how we look for one.

What are the key features?

Dog feeders with storage come with a quite simple design. However, there are still certain angles to consider, and they come from the container and the feeder design.

The storage function


There are ones with super huge storages while some are much smaller. It’s not that you should go for the big ones always.

The size of storage must refer to your dog size, your schedule, and also the type of food you are feeding your pet.

Some small dogs like Chihuahua, they cannot finish 10 gallons of kibbes in a couple of days, so, storing too much food is not necessary.

However, in case you are on the several-day trips quite often, small storage will not be an ideal choice.

You can refer to space where you are going to place feeder too. Is it big enough for a huge one or not?


The look of the storage will prevent foods inside from contacting the moisture of the air. Therefore, it keeps the kibbes in good condition for a long time.

Usually, all storage boxes are made with air-tight technique. It’s a simple but effective locking system for dog feeders so far.

There can be other types but just make sure that it can block food inside securely.


Materials for storage could be plastic or stainless steel.

Plastic is more popular because it is cheaper and lighter. Besides, the transparent plastic can let you see through to track on leftover. You should choose PET or better, BPA-free materials.

On the other hand, stainless steel is sure to be more durable even when you put the feeder outside of the house.

The feeding bowl


Usually, feeding bowl will often be made from the same material as the storage.

You must refer to your use: Indoor or outdoor? High capacity or low capacity? Chewy pet or not? Then you can decide which material you are supposed to go for.

Smart feeding

Some dog feeder some with a high technology control panel which can set the alarm for meals, quantity and attracting sounds.

However, it’s an extra function that is not always necessary. Plus, dog feeders with interactive programs are expensive.

Kibbles or wet foods

Kibbes are always the best food that all manufacture targets.

However, if you feed your pet’s wet food sometimes, you must check if the feeder and storage can work with that.

Battery life

Some feeder runs on battery. It is sporadic, but in case you want one like this, you have to make sure the battery life is long enough to feed the pet when you are away.

Which are the best products?

1. AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder and Waterer

[img_products img_code=”816HYMI06cL” alt=”AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder and Waterer” code=”B06ZY6Q66G” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

This dog feeder built based on simple gravity rule which can release food automatically when dogs eat up kibbes in the bowl. It is automatic, but it will not cost you a penny in electric bills.

We are quite satisfied with the PET storage- an environment-friendly material. The bowl is PP. In general, they make a sturdy dog feeder that can save 12 pounds of food.

If you have an Alaska, this feeder can keep you fee from feeding job in several days.

Because the storage promises to carry a large amount of kibbe, it’s not a good idea to hold up the whole feeder by the bowl. Therefore, this AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder comes with a smart cut on below the bowl and under storage. With that cut-out, you can move the whole feeder around with o fear of imbalance.

The dispenser will split kibbes whenever the pet finishes in the bowl. Therefore, food is available 24/7. The bad news is if you leave the kibbes in the air for too long, the texture will go soft and no longer tasty to your pet.

To solve this issue, we recommend you to observe your pet’s diet quite carefully to provide an appropriate amount of food, or you can use some slow feeding bowl for your dog.


  • No battery required
  • Large capacity with 12 pounds of food
  • Easy for cleaning
  • Extra-large hopper
  • Extended warranty (1 year)
  • Durable materials and design
  • Non-skid rubber at the bottom to stop the feeder moving around


  • Average appearance

Conclusion: only when you have no particular criteria in the look, this one will meet all your need. The storage capacity is enough for all sizes of dogs. And more importantly, you could go out several days without worrying about starving pets at home. We recommend this one for busy owners.

2. Little Giant Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog Feeder

[img_products img_code=”71gkAurVrWL” alt=”Little Giant Galvanized Steel Chow Hound Dog Feeder” code=”B000FK03LQ” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

If plastic doesn’t satisfy you, might steel?

It’s quite rare in the market where you can find an excellent and affordable stainless steel dog feeder. But, we found this amazing Little Giant Chow Hound.

It is made of galvanized steel, so the feeder is qualified for all kinds of weather conditions, waterproof and scratch-proof. It will be a solution to pets with lousy chewing habit. Does your pet have it?

One thing which is extra from this Chow Hound is the magnetic door. To make the feeder bearable outside, the magnetic door is a brilliant idea to keep the food always fresh and dry. The door also saves the food from being contaminated by leaves or dust in the garden.

Chow Hound is a little giant that can contain foods for a week. So, no worries about long field trip anymore.

The only minus point of this feeder is the bulky size. That it can contain a significant amount of food means you cannot take it around to any trips.


  • Durability
  • Tight and close to keep food fresh
  • Easy loading food
  • A huge capacity for several pets


  • Bulky
  • Not easy for too small dogs or cats

Conclusion: for those who have more than one pet and especially those who want a great spare time away from feeding dogs in weeks, this Chow Hound is what you should look for. Except that you can bring it with you everywhere, it’s useful most of the time.

3. Petmate Pet Café Feeder – budget saving option

[img_products img_code=”51lQOcxzklL” alt=”Petmate Pet Café Feeder” code=”B004H272S0″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Here comes out budget-saving option on the list. This Petmate Pet Café Feeder is a cute little thing you want to grab right away at first sight.

This Petmate Café Feeder will save you a free day from come-and-go feeding your pet. And because of the size, you can put it in a corner or under the table wherever the pet can come and find it easily. Or, you can take this feeder on the trips if necessary. Dogs always want to eat food from their own old feeder.

Another advantage of this size is that the feeder will never ruin your house decoration. It’s too small to be noticeable.

As a plastic gravity pet feeder, the storage is made completely transparent for owners to see the food inside.

With a minimum spent on a dog feeder, you can have a PET bowl and storage. Isn’t it cool?

However, the size of storage turns out to be a problem with people who don’t have time to fill up food every day.


  • Removable lid for easier cleaning
  • Convenient for grab on cut-out
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Cute appearance and convenient to take away


  • Small capacity

Conclusion: let’s make sure that you can take care of your pet’s food every day, this small feeder promises to perform the best. The feeder can store food for a day and maybe plus a half. The importance of this design is convenience- the right choice for narrow space.

4. Bergan Gourmet

[img_products img_code=”71Y%2BEt4G6ML” alt=”Bergan Gourmet” code=”B000FSHC8U” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Gourmet in France means “delicious,” and this feeder is sure to serve your loved pet yummy and healthy meals every day.

With the design quite identical to Petmate Pet Café Feeder, this Bergan Gourmet happens to be a gravity feeder with storage for one-day food.

However, the point of making Bergan at a higher price is BPA-free material. With quick research on Google, you can easily find out BPA-free is the best material for your pet health. PET is just typical and safe, but BPA appears even better.

Besides, Bergan Gourmet also comes with a slight difference in design with a taller hopper. The elevated hopper can stop the spillage of both food and water. As a result, your floor will be kept clean and dry after the pet’s eating hours.

Same with Petmate Café Feeder, the size of Bergan Gourmet can help you out if you have to be away from home in days. In return, it’s portable.


  • Space-saving
  • Quite affordable
  • Safe material for pets
  • Cleaner and more portable


  • Too small

Conclusion: For people who want a perfectly healthy product for pets, this Bergan Gourmet is no difference from a perfect choice. BPA-free is more expensive, but it’s worthy

5. PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Dog and Cat Food Station

[img_products img_code=”71cwe8vYZYL” alt=”PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Dog and Cat Food Station” code=”B002RT8M4I” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Since the beginning, we have minimal concern about the design. Most of the products are quite simple and average about how it looks.

Therefore, if you need something extra impressive to place in the living room as a piece of décor, this is the one- Petsafe Healthy Pet Gravity Food station.

A point for the elegant white color and creative shape, your dog could never bite this storage because it’s too round.

And for the sake of your pet, this stainless bowl and BPA-free storage will keep your pets away from medical risks.

The storage is not transparent, so you have to check on it before you leave the house. Don’t leave the pet hungry.

With 2-pound capacity, this storage could not guarantee three meals a day for your pet in weeks. However, it’s exquisite, and more importantly, safe for animals. Would you grab this perfect feeder? It’s for everyone.


  • Super portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful design
  • Simple but tight lid
  • Safe material for pet
  • Washing machine safe


  • Only 2-pound capacity
  • small


There are no products that are perfect for all dogs. Some items perform outstandingly, but they can gain a point in appearance, some a vice versa. However, we think the ….can satisfy you in both criteria.

Depending on your dog and your personal condition, you can find the most suitable dog feeder with storage under our buying guide or luckily, in our recommendation list.

Or else, we hope to hear about your best purchases for dog feeders with storage in the comment below.