Catit Cat Feeder & Food Dispenser – Review from an Insider

Do you own a cat? Well, cats are not only pets. To some people, cats are their families. There are various breeds of cats, and each type requires different ways of caring and loving. Of course, cats have things in common too.

Cats may easily get a lot of dust stuck in their furs when playing outside. Therefore, try not to let them drink or eat anything outside your home. In that case, why don’t you consider using Catit Cat Feeder & Food Dispenser? Your problems will be minimized remarkably, trust me!

About The Brand Catit

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the brand Catit.

Catit is a brand that manufactures and distributes cat-related products worldwide. Their items can be used for all types of cats (at any age). Thanks to Catit, cat lovers over the world can improve the lives of their cats.

Their products offer the highest quality on the market. In this article, I am going to give you a review of one of their best sellers – Catit Cat Feeder & Food Dispenser.

About Catit Cat Feeder & Food Dispenser

Catit Cat Feeder & Food Dispenser is basically a bowl with a hole in the middle of the lid. It allows your cat to eat and drink in the same bowl. If you are looking for a better way to feed your cats, this product is definitely the best option for you. Those cat lovers must not fail to check out this item.

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Solving Meal-related Problems for Cats

At first glance, you may not know how this works as well as its function. The little hole is much more helpful than our expectations. If you know how to take advantage of this item, I’m sure you’ll regret not buying it sooner.

Cats are hunting predators. They tend to eat excessively. This may lead to numerous problems relating to weights and the digestive system. You can an end to this problem by using the Catit Multi Feeder to stimulate them. As the basic instinct, they are sure to run to the bowl and eat.

Furthermore, the design of Catit Cat Feeder & Food Dispenser can get the curiosity of your cats. Feeding them with suitable food is no longer a big concern.

More Details about the Design

In the previous section, I didn’t really give you a thorough look at the product. So, what are the other reasons to buy this product?

This product was designed based on a regular feeding bowl for cats, and the lid consists of a small hole in the middle. Generally, cats don’t eat the food right in front of them, no matter how hard you try to feed them. Hence, the hole appears for a very critical reason: stimulate the instinct of cats. Thanks to this, cats will naturally eat food in the bowl.

Inside Catit Cat Feeder & Food Dispenser, there is a mini compartment. We can call it the ‘inner compartment’. This part can be used as a bag to store your cats’ food.

The item accounts for 7.5×7.4×4 inches in dimensions. Even a kitten or a grown cat can feel comfortable with its height. You will not concern where to store it since the sizes are flexible. You can take it along anywhere you want, to feed your cats at ease.

One more thing which will make you interested in this item. Catit Cat Feeder & Food Dispenser uses BPA-free materials that are eco-friendly. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? The health of your cats can be improved thanks to this.

Is this Effective?

Well, you won’t need to worry too much about this. According to the international statistics, Catit has succeeded in feeding up to a thousand different cats.

This product is sure to be familiar to cat lovers. I assume that they at least have one at home. For those who own more than one cat, they tend to buy more Catit bowls. A great deal of positive feedback is written down, based on their real experience. What else are you waiting for but not get one for yourself today?


  • Always remember to put something into the inner compartment. This is for deceiving your cats, to make them believe their food is inside.
  • Put Catit bowl to places that can easily catch the cats’ attention.
  • Grind food carefully before you fill them into Catit bowl


It doesn’t take much effort to clean the Catit Cat Feeder & Food Dispenser since this item doesn’t consist of many parts. However, do not end up cleaning carelessly because of that. It is important to maintain food quality for your cats!

I highly recommend you clean this bowl every three days. Before cleaning, you should prepare a soft cloth. Soak it into the water with some soap and start cleaning thoroughly. Afterward, pay attention to the way you rinse the Catit bowl. Harmful microorganisms can appear if you don’t clean it properly.

Pros and Cons


  • Clean and use easily.
  • With a compact design, it is suitable for both eating and drinking. You don’t have to prepare two bowls.
  • It can be used anywhere and anytime.
  • Suitable for various breeds of cats.
  • Contributing to improving cats’ life.


  • Small sizes.
  • It cannot contain food as much as other types.

All Things Considered

In a nutshell, Catit Cat Feeder & Food Dispenser is a must-have product for cat owners. Among other items from Catit, this product is still the best recommendation I can give for your cats. However, you must pay close attention to the pros and cons to get the best efficiency.

I have given you some of the useful information about Catit Cat Feeder & Food Dispenser. I hope the tips above will help you have a better understanding of this Catit bowl.