How long can a turtle stay under water
How Long Can a Turtle Stay Underwater?

Turtles (also called testudinate or chelonian) are reptiles that breathe air, so when in water, they need to come to the surface to breathe oxygen. However, these reptiles have specialized adaptations that enable them to stay underwater for a more extended period, even than the amphibians.

How long can an aquatic turtle stay out of water
How Long Can Aquatic Turtles Stay Out of Water?

When answering this question how long can turtles stay out of the water, the answer will depend on the species and type in question? Land or aquatic turtles will spend varying time out of the water with the land able to stay for longer time.

How long can an aquatic turtle stay out of water
How Long Can Turtles Go Without Eating Food?

To answer a question of how long a turtle can go without eating, we must understand several things. First, the answer here would depend on which type of turtle is in question- is it a wild or a pet. Again, it would be crucial to ask yourself how much and how often the reptiles characteristically need to feed.

Eastern box turtle
Eastern Box Turtle Distribution, Habitat, Diet and Pet

The eastern box turtle scientifically known as Terrapene carolina carolina is one of the six subspecies within the species Terrapene carolina. It was given the name since it is an inhabitant to the eastern part of the United States.

Western painted turtle pictures
Western Painted Turtle Facts, Size, Lifespan and Pets

Painted turtles are aquatic small brightly marked turtles that commonly have their habitat in and around the water bodies. How can you distinguish the western painted turtle from other turtles?

Red eared slider turtle
Red Eared slider Turtle Habitat, Diet and Care Tips

Are you considering having the red-eared slider turtle? Here is an insight into their habitat, behavior, diet, tank setup, breeding, and health concerns.

Wood turtle
Wood Turtle Facts, Habitat, Diet and Life Cycle

If you love reptile pets, consider keeping the wood turtle. It is an excellent choice since they are friendly, easy to maintain, tame and raise. After many years of living near their habitat, I got many lessons about them both in the wild and in captivity. Let us detailed information about these wood turtles.

Why is my turtle not eating
Turtle Not Eating Causes and How to Make It Eat

This article will enlighten you on what makes turtles not to eat, and ways to make it begin eating again. We have ideas on what you can do to get a turtle happy and to help them start feeding as usual.

Baby turtle care
How to Take Care of a Baby Turtle

Taking care of a baby turtle is a thrilling and exciting experience. These lovable pets…

REd footed tortoise - South American
Turtle Pet to Buy: Painted, Map, Reeves, Box, Mud or?

Owning a pet turtle is a major step to make. These creatures have a lifespan…