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15 Evident Signs That Your Feline Pal Is Sick

Do you feel like something is off with your feline pal? As a pet owner,…

Are Stink Bugs Poisonous to Cats

My cat ate a stink bug after chasing and capturing it. Should I be worried, i.e., are these bugs toxic or harmful?

Are Ladybugs Poisonous to Cats

Although they rely on larger animals including some reptiles, small birds, rodents, rabbits and so on, one nature of cats is to chase after, capture and much some small insects and other invertebrates. One such bug that your feline friend may capture and eat is a ladybug. Is it harmful, toxic or poisonous? 

What makes a cat to bleed
Bleeding in Cat’s Rectum, Mouth, Ear, Eye, and Nose

Cats can suffer from bleeding from their nose, rectum, anus, mouth, eye, ear or nose. This could be mild or severe. Why are the most common causes, treatments, first aid and prevention of this hemorrhage?

Cat fleas on humans
Cat Fleas on Humans Including on Hair & Treatments

Fleas are one of the many blood-sucking pests responsible that affects both animals and humans. If these parasites are removed from its animal host, the cat, will it bite humans especially on the lower legs (below the knees) especially around the ankles?

Ear mites in cats
How to Get Rid of Ear Mites in Cats Effectively

Feline ear mites are painful parasitic attackers signalized by incidents such as the cat scratching its ears or shake its heads following the itching and inflammation caused by the infestation of these crawly creatures. Let us see more.

Feline stud tail
Stud Tail in Cats Causes and Treatments

Feline stud tail, also known as supracaudal gland infection, supracaudal gland hyperplasia or feline tail gland hyperplasia is a skin disease characterized by greasiness, foul smell, skin infections, falling hair, the presence of comedones, and waxy substances on your cat’s tail base.

How to get rid of cat fur or hair from clothes, carpet, floor
Cat Hair Removal from Furniture, Clothes or Carpet

With all it cuteness and great company your pet cat offers, you may end up…

Cat constipation causes and treatments
Cat Constipation Signs, Causes, Remedies and Cures

What is cat or feline constipation and what causes it? What are some of the…

Hair loss on cats tail near base and back
Cat Losing Hair on Tail or Back Near Tail Base Causes

What causes cat’s tail hair loss or alopecia? How can it be treated? Are there…