Cat Mate Feeder Review

What is Cat Mate Feeder?

Cat Mate Feeder is a product of Cat Mate, a brand with tons of amazing products specialized for pets on various selling websites such as Amazon, Wish, etc. Cat Mate Feeder is a brilliant product, as it offers many effective functions, as well as an acceptable price.

Hundreds of thousands of copies of Cat Mate Feeder have been sold across the globe. In this article, I will tell you what I have learned about Cat Mate Feeder and how I manage to save a lot of money but still be able to feed my cats well using this cat feeder.

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What you get

Cat Mate Feeder comes with two large food bowls(each one of them can hold up to 450 grams (1 pound) of wet food) and one ice pack. The Feeder itself looks like a futuristic machine with timer dials and lid pointer.

Cat Mate Feeder requires 48-hour battery operated timer with the amount of 1 x AA / LR6 battery. If you are a simple pet person who doesn’t want to be involved with complicated operations, then Cat Mate Feeder is a product that is right for you!

To be honest, I really like the way the manufacturer managed to design Cat Mate Feeder because of the elegant white finish. In addition to that, the fantastic well-shaped appearance of the Feeder allows me to place it at almost every corner around my house without fear of mistreating my house decoration.

You can simply place Cat Mate Feeder in your kitchen, living room or even outside of your house.

How to use

Opening the mailbox, I saw a well-packed square box with the tag of Cat Mate on it. I’d like to give Cat Mate one plus point for their carefulness in packaging my order.

Firstly, you need to have 1 AA / LR6 battery as I said above and carefully place it in the battery holder at the back of the Feeder. Then, turn the Feeder over and open the lids by dialing the timer dials to the opening trail.

As you open up the lids, you will see that the two large bowls can be lifted up. Right under the bowls are where you can place the ice pack. Remember to place the ice pack in its right place and put the bowls back to where they are.

Secondly, you can place some foods in the two large bowls and start setting up the time that your pet is used to have a meal. The timer dials contain numbers that indicate the number of hours you want to set for each meal.

For example, if you want to feed your pet in 4 hours (count from the time you set up the dials), you need to hold the dial notch and dial until the lid pointer point at four on one dial. The dial that you set up first will mark the time of the first meal, while the other dial will automatically learn itself as the second meal (count from the first meal).

If your pet’s first meal is at 10 am and you set up the second lid pointer points at 4, the Feeder learns that the second meal will be served at 2 pm (4 hours from 10 am)

A look at Cate Mate Feeder and how I manage to save piles of money using this Feeder

I’d like to say that Cat Mate Feeder is one of the most genius Feeder that I have used since I started enjoying life with my cat. Regardless of the fact that Cat Mate Feeder owns a quite simple operation, it still is able to handle the mission of a more expensive Feeder.

I have to admit that I used to spend a lot of money wasted on such expensive Feeders from the devil sellers, but ever since I came across Cat Mate Feeder, I have no worries of wasting my cash away anymore.

One of the things that I like most about Cat Mate Feeder is the Ice Pack included with the Feeder. Before, I used to put the wet cat food in the fridge and wait until it got cooler so my cat can enjoy her treat. Now, I don’t have to wait anymore since the Ice Pack of Cat Mate Feeder keeps the wet cat food fresh all day long.

If you are a busy person who spends most of your time out, then you won’t ever be afraid that your pet’s food gets spoiled because the Ice Pack of Cat Mate Feeder can handle it all.

In addition to that, with just some simple steps of setting, I can ensure that my cat can eat at the time I want her to. The bowls that Cat Mate provides are quite big, and ever since I started using the Feeder, my cat never has never come to me even for once to ask for some bonus (her traditional bowl was quite small for her lol).

Cat Mate Feeder has now become my cat’s best friend, and sometimes I even see my cat hanging around the Feeder as if she were actually waiting for the magic coming out from the lids.


Even when I’m very pleased to have Cat Mate Feeder in my house, I still have to warn you guys of some funny situations that I have experienced while using this Feeder, but don’t be nervous about what I am about to say, because you will soon see that you don’t have to.

Once, after setting up the time for two meals of my cat, I forgot to fill in the bowls with cat food. My cat spent hours waiting for her meals, and when I got home, she took her revenge on me. The next day, I have to wear band-aids all over my arms (thank God my cat didn’t attack my face)

Another time, my cat was too eager to eat, and she waited for hours after she finishes her first meal. Then, she tried to destroy the Feeder herself and luckily, I was home at the time she was about to do that bad thing.

So, here is my one and only caution for you if you are going to take Cat Mate Feeder home, it is: never let your eager cat/dog be disappointed, or he/she will destroy anything, not just the Feeder.


  • Acceptable price
  • Big food containers
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant look, match every corner of the house


  • Limited numbers of meals


In conclusion

Cat Mate Feeder is a wonderful product. You will wonder why you didn’t know about this Feeder earlier after you started using it. With Cat Mate Feeder, I spend more good times with my cat and to be honest, and I like her even more. Rather than spending piles of money on such expensive but not so effective Feeder, I save hundreds of dollars with Cat Mate Feeder. Thank Cat Mate!