Best Automatic Feeders for Two Cats

Automatic Feeders for Two Cats Are you looking for feeders for two cats but don’t have enough time to feed them by yourself? Why not try an automatic cat feeder? This kind of home gadget dispenses food at given times of the day with the specific amounts that you entered.

This can help in portion control to help your cats fight obesity and yet still get the right amount of food they need daily. And thus, we wrote this article to help you look for a good automatic cat feeder.


Automatic Feeders for Two Cats Reviews

We chose the following for the best automatic feeders for two cats:

1. Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer

[img_products img_code=”51xSxIioyVL” alt=”Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer” code=”B01AUYLVU8″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Do you want an automatic feeder that has a total of five food compartments? This feeder from CatMate can be for you, especially if your cat needs to have a portion control for different times of the day. This automatic feeder for cats has a capacity of up to 11.5 ounces of wet food but you can also use it for dry food. This means that your cat can get a variety in his daily diet.

All you need to use to run this automatic feeder are 3 AA batteries, which can be store-bought. Moreover, it has an easy-to-clean cover and bowl so that maintenance won’t have to be much of a hassle, especially if you are also taking care of other matters at home. In addition to that, to keep the food from spoiling or getting flies, it has a close-fitting cover to protect it.

What’s more, we liked the LCD screen display of this automatic feeder which makes it easy to set up and navigate through when it comes down to programming it for two cats. Its digital timer proves to be simple enough when setting the food portions for different times of the day. What we also liked about this automatic feeder is the long battery life.

That’s not all since it has a dishwasher-safe bowl, this adds to the ease of cleaning for the automatic feeder. It is backed by a 3-year warranty for your convenience. Oh, and did we mention it has 2 cooling ice packs? This can prevent food from spoiling easily, especially for wet food.


  • Ideal for wet cat food
  • Only requires 3 AA batteries
  • LCD screen display
  • Great for portion control
  • Easy to clean


  • The screen could be a bit dim
  • No AC adapter

If you want a multiple cat feeding station for wet food, you can try the Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder.


2. BELOPEZZ 3Liters Smart Pet Automatic Feeders with Timer

[img_products img_code=”51sznVJXL2L” alt=”BELOPEZZ 3Liters Smart Pet Automatic Feeders with Timer” code=”B07V1LLSW8″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

If you own multiple cats and want a portion control automatic feeder for them, you can try this one. For portion control purposes, it has a food rotator to dispense the food in an even manner so that your cats will always get the right amount at a given time. This can help control their weight and daily meal intake.

That’s not all – we also like that it is easy to clean due to the detachable food container. This allows you to disassemble all the parts for wiping and disinfecting after usage. Likewise, the automatic feeder also has a built-in infrared sensor limits the amount of dispensed food. This can also help to prevent mess around the floor, which could not only cause ants to appear and gather the crumbs but would also waste valuable cat food.

Since the automatic feeder is made with environment-friendly material (ABS plastic) which is also pet-safe, it is both eco-friendly and safe for your cat. You can easily program the automatic feeder for up to four meals a day, which is the norm for most pet owners. In addition to that, you can even use about 10 seconds of voice recording to present a greeting for your pet (e.g. “Hey, Tiger! Time to eat!”).

With up to 3 liters or 3.5 lbs. of dry food for its capacity, this can be sufficient for two cats or even more. At the same time, each meal can be set at a different time of the day with different food amounts, so it can also be for those cats that require certain portions as recommended by their vet.


  • Food amount and time scheduling
  • ABS plastic material
  • Easy to clean up
  • Has voice recording
  • Infrared sensor to limit food dispensing


  • Difficult to see how much food is left

To wrap it up, we think that the BELOPEZZ 3Liters Smart Pet Automatic Feeder is ideal for portion control.


3. Vanness AF3 3-Pound Auto Feeder

[img_products img_code=”61cO3UaH6TL” alt=”Vanness AF3 3-Pound Auto Feeder” code=”B0015ZK0VI” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Do you want a double cat feeder? This one proves to be a good automatic cat feeder that’s dishwasher-safe so you can focus on other household chores even with two cats or more. Since it is FDA-approved, its parts are non-toxic to pets. It can hold up to 3 lbs. of cat food and the clear finish for the food reservoir allows you to easily know when it’s time to refill.

What’s more, the removable lid also makes it easy to clean up. In addition to that, it has handles on the side so that lifting it from room to room can be easy. This also makes the automatic feeder travel-friendly. Oh, and did we mention that the automatic feeder is dishwasher-safe? This also adds to its ease of cleaning.

Consequently, the feeder works with different kinds of cat food so you don’t have to worry about choosing. And last, but not least, the angled bottom so that the flow of the food isn’t interrupted. This is important for solid food to easily move to the bottom.


  • Up to 3 lbs.
  • FDA-approved
  • Easy to clean
  • Angled bottom
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • The instructions could be a bit unclear

The Vanness AF3 3-Pound Auto Feeder may appeal to those who prefer a dishwasher-safe automatic cat feeder.


4. WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

[img_products img_code=”51Pznw5hn3L” alt=”WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cats” code=”B075CXMJB5″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

If you want an automatic cat feeder that has a voice recording system to give a custom message for your pet, you’ll like this one. This allows you to call your pet as if you were there. It has room from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups of dry food with a total capacity of 7 liters, which can be okay for two cats.

Do keep in mind that it only accepts dry cat kibble from 0.2 to 0.6 inches in diameter. All you need are 3 d-size batteries to run this automatic cat feeder. However, the removable hygienic feeding tray is dishwasher-safe so that you can clean it up without much hassle. Moreover, you can schedule up to 4 automated feedings per day with this feeder.

That’s not all – its infrared feature to prevent jamming and food overflow to keep spills at bay when you are using this automatic cat feeder. And check this out – the portioning wheel is evenly divided so that your cats don’t get too little or too much in one feeding.

Moreover, the food chute is angled to ensure that food is dispensed smoothly, which can prevent food jamming or clogging. Added to that, the WOPET automatic cat feeder also has a top lock design so that the cat food won’t get spoiled easily


  • Ideal for dry food
  • Up to 7 liters of cat food
  • Top lock design
  • Angled food chute
  • Dishwasher-safe tray


  • Not for wet food

You might like the WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser if you want an automatic feeder that has voice recording to greet your pet.


5. pedy Automatic Cat Feeder 2 in 1

[img_products img_code=”714wipsGibL” alt=”pedy Automatic Cat Feeder 2 in 1″ code=”B07FF7ZVP6″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

We chose this automatic cat feeder for those who want a compact and portable feeder if you don’t have the luxury of space. It is programmable up to 4 meals so you can feed your cats on a strict schedule. It can be used for both dry and wet food so it can be flexible for different diet plans.

Moreover, you can also use the voice recording of up to 10 seconds to call your pet. In addition to that, it can also be used for regular water bottles for water dispensing. In this way, you get a 2-in-1 food and drink dispenser for your cats.

We like that this one has 4 compartments that are divided equally for your pets. It also has a digital clock and displays to set the timer option depending on your cats’ needs. Another feature that we liked is that it has non-slip pads at the bottom to keep it from moving over.

This automatic cat feeder only requires 3 D-sized batteries so it can be used right off the bat (and even during power outages). Last, but not the least, it is backed by a 12-month warranty.


  • Has voice recording
  • 2-in-1 food and water dispenser for cats
  • Non-slip bottom pads
  • Only requires batteries
  • Up to 4 meals a day


  • The battery life might not be that long

Overall, the pedy Automatic Cat Feeder can be ideal for small spaces due to its compact and portable design.


What to look for in an automatic cat feeder

When choosing an ideal automatic cat feeder, you should look for the following:

Ease of setup.

If the automatic cat feeder is easy to configure or program then it will be less of a hassle for your cats to feed on it. You might want to pick up an automatic cat feeder that can be programmed for certain times of the day or amount of feedings per day.



Know just how much cat food you can put inside the automatic cat feeder. Usually, they would have this tray that has portioned sizes so that your cat will only get the right amount at a time. On other variants, the automatic cat feeder has a reservoir that dispenses food automatically.


Design and stability.

The automatic cat feeder should have a stable base so that it will not likely spill out food on the floor or create a mess. If it is one of those that has a tall design, a stable base can keep accidents at bay.


Type of food.

The food can either be dry cat kibble or wet food depending on the design. Most automatic feeders for cats accept dry food but if you want to use wet food, having ice packs at the bottom can keep it fresh.


Voice recording.

Having a voice recording and camera feature allows you to call your cats even when you’re not home, so they’ll feel like you’re still around. Most can allow up to 10 seconds of voice recording.


Warranty policy.

If you know the warranty policy for the automatic cat feeder, you’ll know what is covered when it comes to manufacturing defects.


How do I set up an automatic cat feeder?

To set it up, all you need to do is to follow the instruction manual. Usually, you just need to put it together, pour out the cat food into the container tray or food reservoir and then close the lid. Then, you can just set up the time when it dispenses and how much is dispensed.


How to clean up an automatic cat feeder

Always check the manufacturer if it’s safe to put any of the parts into the dishwasher when you want to clean your cat feeder. If it doesn’t say it’s dishwasher-safe then you should just hand-wash the parts, such as the food tray.



Overall, if you have two cats at home and want to feed them without a lot of hassle while you’re away, an automatic cat feeder can help do the trick.

Feeding your cat on a strict schedule can not only combat obesity but it can also keep your cat healthy and busy. They will also learn independence to feed by themselves even when you’re gone. We hope our picks helped you decide on the best automatic cat feeder for your needs!